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In the early 1990’s, Richard and Anthony Tallerine, two brothers with extensive background in the construction industry turned their ears to the needs of the retail market. They were receiving requests from clients and investors to assist in their retail ventures. Therefore, ACS set out to professionalize the handy-man trade and offer it as a service . They started running service for various clients in 1994 while still maintaining the construction side of the business. With the retail market quickly booming, they shifted their focus and in 1996 Richard and Anthony officially opened the doors to ACS Commercial Services and have been servicing restaurant and retail facilities in need ever since. As the years progressed, ACS added light plumbing and electrical trade to their list of expertise. Additionally, they tapped into their construction background and launched the Projects Division to handle remodels, roll-outs, and a vast array of other ‘project’ type calls.

ACS anticipates the customer’s needs, satisfies them with quality work in a professional manner, and accomplishes them by the most cost effective means.  This is achieved everyday by employing our own staff of highly skilled professional service technicians trained specifically to your industry. Each technician is supplied with fully stocked vehicles and state of the art equipment. Truly self-performing, ACS can afford the luxury of direct control of field crews and the ability to manage the schedule and all-the-while controlling costs. ACS is the reason the term “self-perform” is so frequently used in our industry. With combined experience surpassing 50 years we have the knowhow, professionalism, expediency, and technology to ensure that job is done on-time, within budget, and with the utmost quality.